Narang N. kishor

Narang N. kishor

Narang N. kishor

Technology Consultant, Mentor & Design Architect with Organizations of National & International repute in

diverse fields of Electronics & ICT viz.: Electrical, Electronics, Information & Communication Technology,

Over 40 years of professional experience in various aspects of education, research, design management; technology, business, industry and Standardization.

Over 27 years of hardcore Research and Design Development Experience in Solutions, Systems, Products, Hardware, Software & Firmware (Embedded Software) in fields of Industrial, Power, IT, Telecom, Medical, Energy and Environment.

Over 10 years of Consultancy Experience to different segments of business & industry.

Over 200 Research & Design Mentees in the Electronics & ICT Ecosystem.

Convenor of Reference Architecture Work Group in IEC Systems Committee on Smart Cities.

Chairman of LITD 28 – Sectional Committee on ‘Smart Infrastructure’ in BIS; contributing pro-actively in Indian Standardization Ecosystem in various BIS Sectional Committees

Representing India in IEC – SEG4, SEG6, SEG7, SEG8, SEG9; SyC Smart Cities, SyC Smart Energy, SyC Active Assisted Living, SyC LVDC

Co-Editor of ISO 30145 & ISO 30146.

Passionate to always stay at the forefronts of the technologies, and, to be able to INTERFACE the various evolving & upcoming technologies to the different segments/aspects of the business & ‘society at large’. Strong expertise in designs for cross domain products, systems and solutions.

Since early 90’s, been actively instrumental in providing design solutions & support to Semiconductor Companies to promote new devices in Indian Market and played a pivotal role in the ESDM & ICT Eco -System with pro-active support.

Been supporting leading business houses in developing latest Products, Systems & Solutions in the fields of Smart Metering, Smart Homes, Smart Buildings & Smart Cities, Internet of Things, Convergence & Energy Efficiency; trying to make our earth the Smart n Green Planet.